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  1. @DanYal thx for the hack. The game works too slow with this mod. it is not even playable. I am using iphone 12 pro.
  2. @DanYal hi bro. when i activate the hack, almost all map turns white and others can not be seen because of the last patch. could u pls fix it? Thank u.
  3. @DanYal hi. thx for the hack. game is updated and can not work with old deb version. the game can not open with the hack. if i uninstall the deb, the game opens. Could u pls update the hack? Thx bro.
  4. @DanYal Bro thx for the hack. I can only see others in a particular area. Out of this area, noone can be seen 😞 Is it possible to fix? And could u add "NO FOG" cheat pls? Maybe the fog prevents to see others if it is too far.
  5. @DanYal could u update pls? it is updated 2 weeks ago. thank u.
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