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Get your Premium Account CHEAP! (Personal Account Upgrades)

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You heard that right!

Why waste your money on purchasing those subscriptions every month, while you can contribute and support our community by purchasing it from us CHEAPER!

So check out our SHOP.

Before ordering, make sure you join our shop's discord server!

I know, you're asking yourself "Why do I need to share my account?" or "Is this even legit?" or "Is this a scam?". Let me answer to all of that...

Yes, you need to share your account with us, but we'd never ask you to share your real email or password. Create your own account and share us the credentials. You can then change it to whatever you like. The answer to the second question is up to you to think. I can't say it's totally legit, then I'd be lying. It's similar to modding a game, if you're ok downloading mods or using our hacks, then you can do this too. Just don't over think it 😉

We do not promote scammers or any misleading information.

You can ask all your questions in our discord server by creating a ticket and @Luc1fer among us staff will help you through the process.



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